• What is the The Great Wall of Chia (TWOC)

    It is a different take on Million Dollar Home Page. Instead of selling 1 pixel for 1 dollar, I'm selling NFTs that will let you upload an image and display it as a 64px X 64px image on a 14 X 30 image grid. The owner of each NFT can upload an Image, a link to another site and a title for their image that will display when moused over. The NFT owner can also change the image, link, or title at any time by signing a message proving they own the NFT.

    This site is another way to give NFTs utility. This project will sell and give away NFTs to fill out the 30 rows and 14 columns of images on the home page. There will be a total of 420 NFTs sold.

  • How do I rent out my space?

    You can rent out your space if you are the owner of the original NFTs. The maximum amount of time you can create a rental for is 45 days. Click the Update Image button at the top of the screen and go though the steps of signing your NFT to prove ownership. If your NFT is able to be rented then the option will appear after you sign the message.

    Choose a date the rental will expire then click the Rental button. This will start the process of minting your Rental NFT. Creating the rental NFT will make your NFT no longer valid for that block until the rental NFT expires.

    The new NFT will be delivered to your chia wallet in a few minutes. If you run into any minting issues, contact me on twitter @TGWOChia.

  • What am I allowed to Upload?

    That's up to you. Advertise your NFT Project, put links to your online store. Upload your dating profile website. Buy up lots of squares and try to make a big picture of dickbutt. The possibilities are endless!*

    But there are some restrictions. Images or links to pornography, hate speech, sexism, homophobia, piracy, or anything that goes against the terms and services of digital ocean, will be removed and the NFT ID may be banned from making updates.

    * Possibilities limited to a 14x30 grid and must not be included in restrictions above.
  • Why make this page?

    I like to try out new uses for NFTs. I never really understood NFTs if they're just profile pictures so I'm looking into new ways to use them.

    This is my second NFT project for Chia. My first was Abandoned Land. I like the technology behind NFTs and have been looking for ways to give them utility.

    Plus I need to work the kinks out of this use case before I move on to my next project. Since the project I'm really want to make has a lot of moving pieces. This site is a good way to test out one of thoes pieces.

  • What is the Chia block chain?

    Great question. I'll leave it to the experts to explain that one.

    Read about the Chia Blockchain
  • What wallets can I use?

    The Chia Network (Default) wallet and the Goby wallet both work well.