NFT_ID: nft1xngv82df8gktlwht0uhc962vxyfat482uq32qje4g33d4j8aggqqcaw45l

Is Not rented

Name: 8-10

Owner: xch18qqh88yg36vc7yg3few8rnvql9dvrnnh2rnfc28vzw0meezu37qqqjq0uz

Title: Bram Cyphermind NFT

Statement: Do you already own a unique Bram Cyphermind NFT? Bram Cyphermind is a limited Chia exclusive OG NFT collection of mesmerizing high quality animations. Is your lucky number taken yet? See if you're able to secure a rare trait combination. Rarity score enabled.


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With XCH address: xch18qqh88yg36vc7yg3few8rnvql9dvrnnh2rnfc28vzw0meezu37qqqjq0uz

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